Flea Market Finds

3 October 2010--Blue Danube tea cups

26 September 2010--Leona Edmonson original

5 September 2010--Vintage Christmas tin

15 August 2010--60s handbag and leather gloves

8 August 2010--Dutch biscuit tin

1 August 2010--Blue and white creamer and sugar bowl

23 July 2010--Blue and white tiles

11 July 2010--Green and blue glasses

4 July 2010--Various skirts

20 June 2010--Computer chair

12 June 2010--1970s Qantas playing cards

6 June 2010--Vintage sheets

30 May 2010—1970s bedside table

23 May 2010—Fire King plate

8 May 2010—School tea towel

2 May 2005—Black boots

25 April 2010—Orange enamel teapot

12 April 2010—Vintage sheets

4 April 2010—Crockery

27 March 2010—Wooden sewing box

21 March 2010—Etched glass water jug

7 March 2010—Purl’s Palace, Daylesford

28 February 2010—Picnic basket

20 February 2010—Knitting patterns

14 February 2010—Vintage music

31 January 2010—Brass candle holder