Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Sophie over at Her Library Adventures has a great theme each week that I had to join ... Flea Market Finds. And this week I’ve had a great time in the op shop department … I’ve actually visited 5 op shorts: 2 in Mordialloc, 1 in Parkdale and 2 in Mentone.

First my complaint ... op shops are nowhere near what they used to be during the 1980s when you could pick up the most amazing things literaly for a song. Now it all seems to be the Salvos and Vinnies, which I heard somewhere aren't actually op shos any more because the names have been sold to private enterprise. That would explain the prices, especially in the Salvos.I guess

But I still managed to pick up a few tasty items ...

I love brass and I had to grab this sweet candle holder.

My best find ... a Laura Ashley lamp for $5. Not the nicest shade, but I love the pottery stem.

I have the nicest stash of white and blue rice bowls ... and this soft blue colour is really pretty.

Finding this pretty sugar bowl was a great treat. The gold is in perfect condition and it now sits on my kitchen table.

And this utilitarian water holder ... which I'll probably use as a vase.


sue said...

Nice finds - love the sugar bowl - so pretty! Will you change the shade or recover it?

Vic said...

Pssst...! It's Sophie over at Her Library Adventures, and Vic at my place...! ;)

Not that I mind being thought of mind you...!

I agree with oppies not being what they were, but I still love them. The best are run by things like "The Cat Protection Society" or "Christian Mission Something or Other" and are in teeny tiny shops with stuff piled upon stuff...! They are increasingly hard to find though.

Pretty treasures you have there, I especially like the candle holder, it would make lovely patterns at night with a wee candle lit in it!