Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Place & Yours Sat 30 Jan 10

This week's theme for My Place & Yours is one that will never pall as long as women are well, women ... shoes, of course.

Thanks Vic and Gypsy too, for this week's theme.

I have so many shoes I couldn't think of a way to line them all up and actually be able to photograph them ... so I concentrated on my collection of flat Mary Janes and just grabbed one shoe only.

These are the Mary Janes I wear all the time ... a very comfortable collection.

I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes any more ... I like shoes to fit but I like them to look nice and I confess I often pay more for them than I should considering how utilitarian my shoes always look. (Ssssh Don't tell my husband!)


claire said...

Oh who doesn't love mary janes? :)

Vic said...

Oh all your MJs are so cute! I love them all & they do indeed look like a very comfortable collection!

Thanks for playing along!