Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good things/What's Hot & What's Not

It’s already the last Wednesday of February (can you believe where the month went?) and this week I’m assessing the month against my New Year's Plans for the year.

What’s been totally Hot this month

EXPLORE. I feel as though I’m really getting stuck into my life this month and the most exciting part has been how energised I feel from tackling some of the things on my list of renovations. I’ve also decided to change the plans I posted back in January. Listing paint the walls and fix the bathroom is turning out to be way too narrow because it doesn't take into account the many other jobs that need doing before those two jobs can be finished ... which is why I’m changing it to Renovate. That single word is so much more flexible and lets me approach things in whatever order things need to be done .

Exercise more. Renovating and doing yoga are adding really positively ... this week was the first time in yoga I felt amazing the whole way through and only thought about the outside world twice. That’s a big change from the first two weeks when I spent the second half hour wishing it was all over. And it’s really helping that I can see and feel the difference in my body already.

Spend more time with friends and family. I’ve been going really well on the friends side ... with the restaurant group and Northern Craft Bonanza filling out the social side. But it hasn't left much time for family and other things, so my plan for March is to be better balanced between friends and family. On a side note I took some photos at the Best Ever Jumble Sale in the city a few weeks ago and took this shot of two girls dressed up in vintage … aren’t the two of them gorgeous? I forgot the email address of one of the girls (I have absolutely no short term memory) and bumped into her as I was walking into my building from lunch … absolutely amazing how small Melbourne is and I was so glad to be able to send her the photos from the day.

Good things. I’ve barely missed a day since I started and I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of the year ... I don’t want to jinx it by over analysing it at such an early stage (which I do all the time!), and I’m having no trouble finding something different every day.

What’s Not been hot

Cook more. Yeah right ... I think I made breakfast twice this month on the weekend and that doesn’t really count. But to brag on Mr H ... here’s the dinner he made me the other night after asking me what I wanted. I chose potato and chickpea curry, my absolutely favourite, and I got the most delicious salad and beef with rice as well. Ask me again why I don’t cook ...

Finish 5 craft projects. This is languishing in the what’s not list for the month as I hate the yarn I bought for the lace scarf and I’ve ordered something pretty from the Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn ... look out for a parcel sometime soon.

Travel. Not happening at the moment, although my excitement is that Mr H was very receptive during the week when I mentioned a trip somewhere in Asia ... maybe Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji. I think the seven week trip last year took a lot out of him and he’s not keen to repeat it again so quickly, but a few days (maybe five) overseas would be manageable.

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angela said...

Oooh, I would love the recipe for the potato and chickpea curry!! It looks fantastic, what a lovely Mr H you have there!