Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Things/My Creative Space

It’s Thursday and time for My Creative Space ... a very, very good thing.

This week it’s all about public and private creative spaces ... and I think I’ve decided on names: indoor and outdoor spaces. Private space still sounds kinky and secretive to me.

My outdoor creative space is still a gift for my mother.

I junked the wool I bought (a very boring beige) because it was driving me crazy (the colour and the feel) and I ordered a pretty lilac from Bendigo Woollen Mills ... which arrived in two days. Unbelievably fast so thank you to the Mills!

At first I wondered whether I’d made a mistake but the colour darkens a trifle as I knit and I’m loving it. So far very little to show but at least I have a project for the train ... and two months to finish it. time to start some serious knitting.

In the indoors creative space, I’ve also managed some work on a cushion for my niece ... a mock up rather than the real thing because the felt I’m going to use is so gorgeous I don’t want to waste a skerrick!

The inspiration for this cushion has come from Jay at Finki’s blog, where she runs a monthly theme. February’s theme is circles and it was really fun putting this together.

The next step is to get a few more buttons to mix it up, cut the felt to size and sew it all together. Using a sewing machine is not my forte (which is why quilting is so daunting) but the plan is to make the cushion look really funky ... which will hide my lack of talent! I can’t wait to start.

If you’re interested in seeing more creative spaces, drop in and visit Kirsty at kootoyoo.


CurlyPops said...

Your cushion is going to be amazing. Thanks for the reminder..must start work on the circle challenge!

Brenda said...

I love the mock up of your cushion, the real thing is going to look amazing!

Your wool is a beautiful colour too!

handmade clothing at lillipilli lane said...

Tks s much for popping by my blog:) Love that cushion and the wool colour - and the look of the texture - so soft. Best wishes with putting those two together. I am running behind on my circle work...