Friday, February 26, 2010

Good things/Friday knitting patterns

Anyone for tennis?

Isn't it strange how fashion and attractiveness has changed. Would this guy get a front cover today? Probably not.

But I like his look ... and I especially like his tennis jumper. He really looks the part.

And note to self for the future ... if I'm photographing from below get my subject to stand to the side and look upwards, and that way I won't end up with a photo where all I can see is nasal hair!


Little Ted Canvas said...

That is a nice jumper, & actually I think he looks quite handsome! Love the slide on your blog, by the way, your work is lovely!

angela said...

What stunning fine chap he is, quite strapping : )

Kate said...

I love these old pattern pics! He is a strapping young man isn't he?!

one little acorn said...

And a wooden tennis racket to finish the scene. It was a long time ago I saw one of those.