Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I've been quite lucky over the last couple of weeks and found quite a few lovely new things to wear ... skirts.

Dresses always seem so 80s ... the ones I look at anyway, and if I want something from my favourite period (the 1940s) I usually have to pay the extra at a vintage store.

Shoes can be good ... and so can coats, and I found a pretty red cardi on Saturday that's currently undergoing a little renovating. A matter of those strange knitted flowers at the front I'm not loving at all.

What have you found lately?

For more flea market finds ...visit the lovely Sophie Isobel at Her Library Adventures for lots more links.


CurlyPops said...

Cute cardi (but those flowers are in quite a weird spot). I'm having op-shopping withdrawals at the moment. Must get back into it!

Estelle said...

nothing wrong with a couple of strategically placed flowers :)
I'm all out of skirts this year, must look harder.

Cherie said...

Lovely skirts and love the cardi - a few nice buttons maybe. Come visit anytime you're up this way I know all the best places to scrounge ;-)

Jana @ Weekend Vintage said...

The Red Cardigan is so yummy! I love a good thrift store find!