Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Mr H and I headed for Frankston for our weekly op shop fix and managed to take in seven ... that's right, seven op shops. The only one we'd visited before was Savers. I usually end up in Frankston too late to get to most of them, although we turned up 15 minutes too late for Vinnies and another doesn't open on Saturdays at all. More op shop goodness per square mile than anywhere else I've ever been!

RSPCA 4 Peninsula Walk
Savers 16 Playne St
St Pauls Anglican 29 Ross Smith Ave
Salvos 17 Thompson St
Red Cross 13b Thompson St
Op Shop 13 Playne St
City Life 6 Clyde Street

The stand out for the day was this tea towel in Savers. Not because it's amazing but because I felt so sad someone had donated it. I just couldn't do that ... and Mr H suggested I buy the tea towel and find a good home for it. So if your child, your sister, your brother, your cousin, your friend's brother's nephew was one of the senior teachers or students for 1999 at Gardenvale Primary School let me know and I'll mail you the tea towel. I can't bear for it not to be with one of the teachers or students on the tea towel.

And I picked up another sheet for the vintage sheet swap ... the top floral pink sheet. The two blue sheets at the bottom I picked up last week in Ballarat. When I started I was sure I wouldn't find anything but I think I was over eager and not very realistic. Now I seem to find something good every week ... it just takes a lot of patient and at least 5 or 6 op shops to find one good sheet.

And that's not all. Mr H got some more music, and we both got a couple of tins. We also picked up a food processor for $10, complete with attachments. And I found a vintage knitting pattern that I knitted something from during the 80s ... I'll share that next week because I'm so excited about it. But no needles this week ... can you believe one op shop was selling them for $3 a pair?

For more vintage goodness, please visit Sophie Isabel at Her Library Adventures.

PS Happy Mother's Day everybody. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Jennie said...

What a lovely thing to do with the teatowel! And i love all of those sheets - i haven't found any for ages!

marian said...

wow you did have a jolly good time, didn't you! i'm also keeping an eye out for vintage sheets for the swap's gonna be fun! x

Me said...

what a great idea for the tea towel. i hope someone does contact you!

Tracey said...

a good sheet is hard to come by these days - the ones you have found are lovely. Happy trawling!

Steph said...

Oh your sheet collection is coming on!! Love your new ones. And how sad about the tea towel with all those little drawings :( Hope you have a lovely week :)

Anonymous said...

Some nice printed sheets in there, well done! Good list of Op Shops too!

Collecting Feathers said...

I have joined the sheet exhange as well...and as soon as I did, they all dried up in this area. The majority of mine are yellow florals, and looking at yours there isn't a yellow floral to be seen! Such a good idea.
Good list of oppies.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

loooooooooove cream cake. now you've said it.