Friday, May 7, 2010

Good things: Friday knitting pattern

I'm feeling all cozy and happy after dinner with friends, but I love Friday knitting patterns so much I share a few to admire.

My collection of 1940s knitting patterns is growing by leaps and bounds after finding a few in Ballarat last weekend, so I thought I'd pick a few from the oldest pattern book I have for women.

I just love the feel of fashion from the 1940s, and this pattern just seems particularly elegant ... not to mention the lighting and angle she's photographed at. She just looks so glamorous.

I also like the pattern on the rear cover. I wonder if I could get my hair done like hers?

And the last pattern is a sweet top with a tie neck. This one looks almost 1950s, but the neck became popular again in the 1980s ... I made one myself on a cardigan only the tie I made wasn't as long. What do you think?

1 comment:

Bells said...

I love vintage patterns too, especially those oh so feminine ones.

Do you have any of that yarn left over? Could you re-do it? Make it longer? because it's gorgeous! Or could you pin it when you wear it? INstead of tying?