Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good things: Flea Market Finds

I had lots of vintage goodness lined up over the weekend ... and it's taken me all the way from antiques to Daylesford. It's been a fun weekend.

It was Daylesford for Mum and me on Saturday and it was delightful: the Maker's Market, lunch, the Lark, the Daylesford Bazaar, a rain storm to be believed, an op shop that closed just before we arrived, Purl's Palace, antiques ... that town really jumps.

No hail where we were ... but the rain was unbelievable!

Mum got a few things at the Maker's Market for a bus trip she's going on soon, and I missed out on seeing Curlypops again ... either I need to make sure Cam's going to be there before I go, or stop telling her I'm going. I'm not sure which yet!

But my vintage goodness was found at the Daylesford Bazaar.

This place was great ... so much amazing stuff Mum and I are planning another visit.

Now, I heard about this place from Lark a few months ago and it sounded amazing ... so I was determined to see what it was like and I wasn’t disappointed.

Vintage goodness from here to eternity ... and I got this great outfit: shoes, gloves and a dress! All for $20! (I need to make the dress but you get it).

I love the shoes ... and so comfortable.

Fabulous vintage goodness!

PS Pop over to Sophie Isobel at Her Library Adventures for lots more flea market finds ... and don't forget to leave some blog love.


CurlyPops said...

Oh no I missed you! I didn't apply for this months market as I'm doing Northside Makers this coming Saturday (trying to keep with my one market per month policy), but I will be in Daylesford for the April market.

Jennie said...

You guys have such great places over there! Very jealous!

beck said...

Glad you had so much fun in our little town, it's been a great, busy and colourful weekend. I'm not surprised you had fun at the Bazaar, there is always something to be found xo

Brenda said...

I think I would need to take a truck if I went to a place like the Daylesford Bazaar.
Your vintage find looks great.....a whole outfit for $20!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh VERY nice!

Collecting Feathers said...

Lucky you, I think every blogger I look at was at Daylesford last weekend. Most probably you were all passing each other on the street, not knowing that you were all part of the same blogging community. Spooky. xxN

teddybearswednesday said...

I love that Bazaar too, and I was at Daylesford too on Saturday. Great looking outfit, that place is full of treasurs

Amanda said...

great finds - shoes that fit & are awesome are always a score

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Oh what gorgeous shoes and those gloves are just fabulous too! fabulous finds!
Sophie x