Monday, March 8, 2010

Good things: My Place & Yours

It's Monday and usually, well, I'm cleaning ... but this week My Place and Yours is resurfacing with Danielle at Hello Owl, with the first week's theme: Behind the camera {a self portrait challenge}.

I like the idea of starting the week with My Place and Yours ... as Danielle says "something positive to start our week". That's a nice idea ... I've always found it yukky to start my week with cleaning ... nowhere to go but down after that!

I have a few self portraits ... some taken using a tripod and others in mirrors ... but it's the mirror shots I like the best. After all, behind the camera is where I'm mostly found.

And who am I ... a whole list of things: a writer, a traveller, a crafter, a knitter, a talker.

I'm a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend.

I'm a worrier, a planner, an organiser, a carer.

What and who are you?

Pop over to Hello Owl if you want to play or check out other people's takes ... and don't forget to leave some blog love.


Danielle said...

Gorgeous photos. I love self portiats in pretty mirrors. Than k you for playing.

Laura said...

Great shots Susan! I'm joining in on My Place & Yours, too. First time doing something like this, a bit excited!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Susan


Cherie said...

Haaa I'm all those too! Great pics Susan ;)

ted and agnes said...

I love the mirror shots they look great

Jackie said...

Yes wonderful photos! I'd rather look forward to the meme than cleaning on Mondays too.

Alisa said...

Love the photos in mirrors.. I am going to have to take a few like that... get a real look at me the person who takes the photos.

michelle said...

greta photos. the top one is very posh. taken in the great hall at your place?

marian said...

i like your take on self portrait..FAB photos Susan!