Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good things: My Place & Yours

It's no surprise I'm still playing My Place & Yours ... it was a great get to know you meme and it's been sad Vic at Punky&Me hasn't felt up to continuing.

But she's looking for a new home, maybe temporary, maybe not ... and I put my hand up to be the My Place & Yours meme queen ... so watch this space (hey, that was a cup half full comment!).

But back to regular programming ... this week My Place & Yours is coming to you from my Mum's house ... and her 'thing' is clocks!

My Mum doesn't collect clocks so much as like clocks ... if you get the difference.

So her clocks aren't antiques, or vintage, or even cuckoo ... none of them fit into a special genre.

They're more every day clocks that she's liked over the years and there's one on almost every wall and in every corner.

What makes you think of your Mum? What speaks to you of home? Is there something at your Mum's house that just sums her up ... maybe it's even at your place?

For me it's clocks ... I often can't look at the clocks at my place without being reminded of my Mum.

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