Friday, March 5, 2010

Good things: Friday knitting patterns

It’s Friday again (another week passed) and it’s time for Friday knitting fun ... sorry, I’m too happy because in a few hours it’ll be the start of a long weekend.

I’m going to share a few photos this time around from the gorgeous Retro Knits book by Kari Cornell and Jean Lampe. I borrowed this beauty from my local library. If you’re interested ... and I know I am ... it’s still available for purchase.

The book collects 50 patterns from the 1900s through to the 1970s. Each pattern is accompanied by an original photo, which is wonderful, and the authors have modified the original patterns to suit a modern audience. That includes playing with the sizes because a 1945 size 14 is more like a modern 6 ... which proves the story about making sizes smaller to make us all feel better.

There are so many examples in the book that wouldn’t look out of place on today’s streets. This 1950s bolero is totally up to the minute.

I’d be quite happy wearing this green 1920s jumper (sweater) with a skirt or jeans.

And, just for Mairead, this man with pipe staring winningly into the distance ... I just hope he was wearing green for you.

Most of the photos are black and white so it’s hard to judge what colours people were wearing. And in many ways the styles were quite demure until the 1960s hit.

All at once—and it’s very noticeable—there’s an explosion of colour and funkiness, which comes to a close in the book in the 1970s. (Probably for the best because the 1980s penchant for shoulder pads that made tiny women look like professional grid iron players wasn’t a good look the first time around.) This green one from the 1970s was totally gorgeous.

But my favourite period will always be the 1940s and I haven't chosen any from the book from this period or every week I'd be posting 1940s patterns. I just find everything from that decade beautifully fitted and so elegant. Such an easy choice for me.

Could you see yourself wearing any of these?

And if you haven’t had enough old yarn pattern admiring, hop on over and visit Lara at thornberry for a vintage crochet pattern fix.


Little Ted Canvas said...

What a great book, I love the cover! I not quite up to knitting more than a scarf at this stage, but this could be all the inspiration I need!

dear prudence said...

Hi Susan,
what a great collection, I just love the photos in the old pattern books, and I agree with the grid iron look-a bit scary, a bit 'Dallas meets Dynasty meets Wha Wha Knee'

julie k said...

I might have to check this out of the library, too. Looks cool!

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

I think I need a copy of the bolero pattern - love it!