Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good things: My Creative Space

Thursday and time for My Creative Space ... check out Kirsty's blog kootoyoo for many, many, many more crafty ladies.

My crafting week by contrast has been slow (well, non existent really) as I blogged yesterday. But that post was also my incentive to get my s#^t together ... at least on the outdoors/travelling on the train to work crafting project. (Aren’t blogs brilliant at keeping you on the straight and narrow?)

And I managed about 10 rows until the pattern totally freaked me out: follow pattern A, switch this around, add a stitch marker ... whatever happened to k2, p3, psso like in the good old days?

But time to stop belittling my start because I’m determined to get it done ... and I have even more incentive than usual. Because, well ... it turns out "my secret love's no secret anymore" (and if you know the song I stole that for you're probably older than I am!).

Unlike many with septuagenarian mothers, mine is hooked up to the internet and it turns out she's a lurker! I don’t even need to finish the rest of that thought, do I?

I found this out when I rang my Mum a few days ago and half way through the conversation I was told ... “I have a confession to make”. I instantly fell into cup half empty mode (with thoughts of crashed cars and house fires), but in the end it wasn’t really all bad news because I now have to get the project done. And here’s the really good news and I hope my Mum is reading this ... I can ask the champion knitter of all time when I get stuck! Woo hoo! LOL

And if anybody ever wondered where I get my honesty and my compulsive need to share everything ... I think we all just discovered why!

Love you Mum!


Jane said...

Calamity Jane aka Doris Day ... Once I Had a Secret Love ...

Cherie said...

Runs in the family ... love that ... especially while being so mother/daughter engrossed right now.

Sarah said...

Oooh you can't go wrong with a bit of Doris Day! Looks very complicated whatever it is you are knitting but am sure will look great!

Kristi said...

Such a cute post! Think I'll go call my Mum.

june at noon said...

Such a great story, love that your mother is a lurker!

work-and-process said...

Lovely story and I hope you project is done now =)

Bye Marieke