Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good things: What's Hot & What's Not

It’s hump day again ... and that always means time to play What’s Hot & What’s Not. (I think What's Hot & What's Not is still on hiatus ... but what the heck. I'm playing!)

Excuse me if I repeat some of the last week’s news because most of it has been so good I just wanted to talk about it again.

my What’s totally Hot!

Nine day fortnights. Getting to work earlier means the promise of nine day fortnights … and myfirst day off is Friday next week. My friend Queenie doesn’t know it yet but I’m offering her a piece of the action, with plans of visiting a couple of op shops in her area and ice cream with her kids. I know Queenie reads the blog sometimes ... are you up for it?

Travelling to work with Miss C. She’s not normally a morning person ... in fact she’s a total grump ( mmm ... I wonder if it’s hereditary?). But she’s been more chatty than I’m used to, and even if she’s silent part of the journey I’m enjoying having her there.

Walking home. Before you get too excited ... not the whole way home from work. That would be 27 kms! But I finally put my plan into action to get off the train one stop before I get home ... which is about a brisk 25 minute walk. That’s twice so far this week and an hour of yoga on Monday. A good week for exercise.

Good hair month. I had a haircut yesterday and I love it. The guy who now cuts my hair listens to what I tell him ... and I get the haircut I want. The total opposite to my last hairdresser who drove me crazy! Plus I got it dried sleek and straight … too much hair wonderfulness for me!

Work. Can you believe I’m enjoying work more now I’m starting earlier. By nature I’m a morning person and starting later didn't really suit me … even though it had long become part of my life. I now get more done, I’m much less stressed and I’m enjoying what I’m doing in a way I haven’t for a long time. Thanks Miss C.

ABC iView. I’m hopeless at watching TV and I can’t be bothered to record ... so I gave up watching TV six months ago. I watch the occasional DVD but that’s about it. But I discovered ABC iView a few weeks ago and it’s brilliant. The ABC puts its programs on its website for a fortnight and now I can watch them whenever I want ... and with a 22in widescreen Samsung monitor it’s no punishment. (Check it out Curlypops; you should be able to do this with your new broadband.)

Music. I have the hugest music stash at work I listen to … this week my favourites are the Volume 1 soundtrack to Packed to the Rafters, Live on Earth (The Cat Empire), Crazy Love (Michael Buble), Sounds Like This (Eric Hutchinson) and These Streets (Paolo Nutini). I’m currently listening to LA by Old Man River (from the Packed to the Rafters soundtrack) and I’m going to have to find a little more music by this Aussie band.

What’s Not hot!

Being cranky. I’m still not used to going to bed early although the getting up early hasn't been so bad ... and I’m not happy with the crankiness I’ve been experiencing. But it’s getting better and next week I’m hoping to be in the swing.

Not crafting. I’m not getting anything done. I’m having to stand a hour and a half per day in the train so no knitting, and when I get home I’m not doing much more than tidying up and catching up on the ABC. Tomorrow Miss C and I are going to try an earlier train to see whether we can get a seat … so maybe I’ll get a little knitting done. And at least I'm getting a little vicarious crafting done while I'm reading blogs!


hip chick said...

I only work about 2.5 miles from work...that is under 5k...I could walk it so easy in about 30 or 40 minutes...and then I could walk it home. But, not in the winter because it's snowy and dark and it's a pretty main, busy road the whole way. So, once the warmer weather hits I'm going to start walking. You've inspired me...

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Thanks so much for your visit yesterday! I've signed on to follow your blog! Please come back again soon; it's so nice to meet you! Coralie

Kate said...

How wonderful that your hots outnumber your nots by so many. Living where we do, I have to drive everywhere I go. I'd love a bit more walking in my life.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Lucky you finding a hairdresser that does what you ask for, I had one of them once...they always seem to move on just as you find the right one...