Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good things/Ruby Tuesday

I was cranky yesterday ... I was even rude to my supervisor who luckily for me is the most understanding person. But it wasn't nice having to apologise because I couldn't stop myself. I'm still kicking myself about that.

And why I hear you ask ... and what could this possibly have to do with Ruby Tuesday?

All very good questions ... and all in good time. All will be revealed ... I promise. (I'm still a little cranky so don't push it!)

OK ... I'll give you the whole thing all in one go. Baby (otherwise known as Miss C) has a new job, she's got red fingernails (my red photo), and I'm cranky because I'm getting up early to travel with her to work!

Phew! That all came out in a rush!

It's all been so exciting.

A few weeks ago Miss C got a call from the agency which interviewed her ... this time to be interviewed by a prospective employer, and 20 minutes into the interview she was offered the position.

Now, I'm her mother ... but she's well presented, intelligent and articulate. Who wouldn't employ my baby?

Now the drag ... she starts work at 8.30am and gets off the train one stop after me and has a 10 minute walk to work. That doesn't seem like much but here's the difference to my life ... we now catch a 7.10 train instead of the 8.40 I used to catch! I'll adjust ... but I'm going to have to tie my tongue in a knot until my sleeping patterns adjust.

But the upside is I'm planning to use the extra time I work (anywhere up to one hour a day) to take every second Friday off ... hooray, a nine day fortnight.

That's put the smile back on my face! LOL


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Dazzling red nails!

Dreadful rubies!

CurlyPops said...

What a great way to turn a negative into a positive... trading early mornings for a day off is wonderful!
Congrats to your daughter on her exciting new job.

Ralph said...

The manicure is a fine ruby, stylish. To carve out a more meaningful time off (three days in a row), there is now way more upside for a three day weekend than taking an earlier train. As the say, no pain no gain...

Quilary said...

Oh now I know why you needed the 'cranky pants' badge!..and you can use the happy pants for your day off!

Rebecca said...

Dazzling is right.

As per your question, I shot that in AV mode.

Rita said...

leaving home an hour and a half early is enough to make anyone cranky.

But, I do like the red nail polish. I use to have acrylic nails and did them in the same red. Loved them. But, my hubby hated them and I loved him more so now I live with split and cracked nails.

Thanks for the visit to my old country church. It lead me to you and now I have a new blog to keep an eye on.

Love what I have read so far. Keep up the good work.

Felisol said...

Your daughter has the prettiest ruby fingernails.
Does she do them herself, like we do in old Norway, or has she her own manicurist, like most of my American blog friends have.
There's a culture gap in the world, indeed there is.

I'm happy for your daughter, that she got a new job.
I presume that Australia also has its fair share of qualified unemployed.
(As a matter of the fact, I know. My first cousin's daughter lives in Australia, and she had to wait for quite some time for a job as a qualified psychologist.)

The bonus, your extra days off, s priceless.
Enjoy life at its full.
Norwegian saying;
Remember living while your doing,
remember loving while you daring.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive!

Krisu said...

Wow! Very stylish! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jew Wishes said...

What a fantastic shot, making me want to go get my own nails done.