Friday, February 5, 2010

Good things Fri 5 Feb 10

GOOD THINGS: Miss C went to an interview
Why should this be a good thing when interviews are a world of pain?

Doesn’t she look gorgeous in her new suit?

For lots of reasons but mostly because it means Miss C is thinking about what she wants to do with her life instead of turning up to a job every day … a job with no prospects, one that will never offer her independence, and one that definitely won’t offer her anything more than living from one wage to the next.

By contrast this interview offers so much: new professional and personal skills, flexibility … and most importantly a future. Because of this I’m less concerned with whether she gets this job or even the next … than knowing she has a goal and she’s working towards it.

I know she’ll get a job in the end … Miss C’s an intelligent and well presented young woman and any employer would be lucky to have her. (No accusations of bias here please … I know I’m her mother! LOL)

And the debrief she gave me after the interview sounded incredibly positive. She did really well in her aptitude and skill tests and the agency felt she'd be easy to place.

Good luck babby.

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