Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good things/My Place & Yours Sat 6 Feb 10

MY PLACE & YOURS: What's in Your Bag?
This week's My Place & Yours theme is What's In Your Bag? by The Textured Leaf. And don't forget to sign up and check out what others have in their bags over at Punky & Me.

I think my handbag is the most precious thing I own … it certainly spends the most amount of time with me.

And inside it … I don’t think my handbag is any different to anybody else’s: sunblock, pens, train tickets, old receipts, make-up, keys, mobile phone and disinfectant hand wash.

The only thing that might be different is that I don’t use a purse or a wallet. I used to … but from the time I bought this bag last year in Macys in New York (sorry, I had to add that!). Now my money is in one of the pockets of my bag and my cards are just junked at the back.

Messy … but it suits me.


Vic said...

Oh now that is a nice handbag, I like it a bunch, and look at you with your name dropping lol.

I couldn't do the no wallet thing - I change bags too often or sometimes just chuck my wallet in my pocket or the car, having to find all my cards/money everytime would drive me bonkers!

Thanks for playing again!

The Back Shed said...

Definitely a nice bag! I couldn't imagine the mess I would be in if I didn't use a wallet.