Monday, March 1, 2010

Clean up Monday

I've officially taken Monday off from cleaning up!

I’m way too cranky to be bothered to do anything ... let alone talk about it! (If you think I’m sitting here with my arms crossed and my lips pursed ... you got it right! LOL)

I had a physically exhausting weekend ... Saturday we were at the swap meet and then Sunday was spent racing from pillar to post and getting most of the housework done. But I still feel as though I've hardly made a dent and I’ll never get on top of everything. Same old, same old really.

But add to that I didn't fall asleep until late (and ended up reading because I couldn't sleep) and then getting up early to travel to work with Clarissa ... you got it, recipe for crankiness!

Lucky for me I couldn't put this book down ... or maybe not!

Maybe I’ll feel more like it later in the week because I was really looking at getting the rest of the hallway filled and ready for painting.


1 comment:

one little acorn said...

Just being Monday is enough to make me cranky... Thanks goodness it's Tuesday already. Hump day tomorrow!