Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds
I've been looking for a couple of months, together with my Mum, for a cabinet she could use in her kitchen .

My Mum wanted something quite specific to put her bag and umbrella etc in so she didn't have to see it lying around the place.

It had to be a cabinet, not a shelf.

And it had to be small so it would fit under the bench in her kitchen and not get in the way of the stools under the bench.

What I found isn't perfect by any strength of the imagination. It's very slightly the worse for wear on the top but I think it'll be easy enough to glue and clamp where it's slightly lifted at the front.

But I love the groovy detail that is the recess that's used to open the door ... and even if it's not perfect it cost me the princely sum of $5!

Thank you so much to Amelia over at I op therefore I am who put me on to the Lions Trash and Treasure in Vermont Saturday. I absolutely recommend you go next time ... it's the most amazing rummage and supporting a great organisation.

And for lots more flea market finds visit Sophie Isobel over at Her Library Adventures.

Good things: Doing stuff for my Mum
In my family saying I love you isn't the way things are done ... what can I say? We're repressed English.

Instead it's all about doing things ... and for me it's all about helping my Mum with the many little things on her wish list.

Whatever she asks isn't a burden for me ... I know she'd do the same anytime I ask, and has been all my life.

We always have a great time fossicking around together and going out ... and I'm loving finding a cabinet for Mum knowing it's what she wants.

I love you Mum. xoxoxoxoxoxo


Christina said...

Awww, how very sweet. I think the cabinet would look great with a lick of paint to match the kitchen, but that's just me.

It would be so nice to have someone who was also looking for the things you want while thrifting. :)

Sarah said...

I'm sure you can pretty up and that cupboard, many possibilities and yes love that little cupboard knob, very striking. I'm sure your mum really appreciates that you found something much needed for her. x

sue said...

How great that you found just the right thing!

Jennie said...

It looks a pretty good size for what you wanted it for! Thats brilliant to find something for your mum that she really needs. Are you going to change it much?
(or do we have to wait and see!)

moose and bird said...

Mum's are the best! I'm sure your Mum will love her new cabinet. Happy Monday! xo