Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday knitting pattern and Good thing

Friday knitting pattern
I thought I’d get an early start on today’s blog post … I usually wait until I get home from work before posting and by then most of the day’s long gone.

Today’s pattern is from a 60s or 70s baby knitting pattern book I’ve shared patterns from before.

But there’s a difference.

The last time I posted I got an email from Tracey at Mistea Crafts asking me whether it was the same book containing a pattern for a round shawl … and it definitely is.

Tracey asked me because it’s a pattern she made for a friend’s baby and even better … she found a photo of the shawl.

It looks so nice done in the different colours , and isn't it nice seeing photos of things people have made? I love it.

I’m betting there are people out there who’ve knitting some of the patterns I have or better yet have a photo . If you have, especially photos of knitted goodies from the 60s and 70s I’m betting I do have the pattern. Please let me know … I’d love to show and tell the pattern and the photo together.

Good thing for the day: Crafty people
In days gone by being known as a craft person wasn’t a compliment … you’d be sly and not very nice.

Times have changed for so many things and being a crafty person is good … in fact, it’s very good.

I have met so many lovely women who craft: women who quilt, women who knit and embroider, and especially women who laugh, share information and goodies, and who are extremely generous with their time and experience.

Blogging’s been a big part of expanding the good I’ve experienced being a crafter.

Thank you to everybody I’ve met and will meet in the future.

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