Friday, April 23, 2010

Good things: Friday knitting pattern

Back in the day (I love saying that), baby's clothing came with the grand name of a layette. Like this amazing concotion ... bonnets, booties, dress, matinee jacket, vest. The list is endless.

But the downside was it was made from bri-nylon or synthetic mixes. In any event everything tended to end up as as rough as a Brillo pad ...calling it rough would be an understatement.

This photo should give you a bit of an idea ... eldest daughter Miss W during mid 1986 when she was about five months old wearing a yellow synthetic matinee jacket made by moi. It has a matching bonnet (love that word) to be found in some other photo ... which I didn't find tonight.


EG Wow said...

Cute photo of your eldest daughter. I wonder if whe will knit sweaters for her little ones.

Cotton Kiwi said...

LOL. Very cute! I found an entire box full of wonderful 1950s-70s baby layette patterns yesterday in our local op shop/thrift store. Heaven! Now I just need to find a baby to knit for!