Monday, May 31, 2010

Eurovision 2010

I watched Eurovision last night with something approaching regret. I loved it last year ... especially the Danish entry that won. What a cutie Alexander Rybak is ... (er, sorry, I was supposed to be talking about the song wasn't I?) and I loved his playing of the violin.

And just in case you feel the need to revisit it all again ... here he is in all his gorgeousness.

But this year turned out to be equally as good, with Germany a clear winner in my book, although Ireland and France were so close behind for me.

I loved Lena from Germany (she and the guy from Norway looks so sweet together, especially when he contragulated her. Maybe they will marry and have babies ... they'd be super cute too. Sorry, I promise to stay on track from now on). Her song was so sweet and I want to dance every time I hear it. Looks like we're off to Germany for Eurovision 2011.

I liked France's song too: a really boppy song by Jessy Matador ... and raunchy in a really kitsch way. It made me and Mr H laugh.

And I'm a sucker for a ballad and Ireland's entry was definitely worth listening to. Apparently the singer Niamh Kavanagh won Eurovision about 17 years ago and the word was whether she might win again. PS And her sister's playing the instrument (I can't remember its name) on stage with her. A beautiful entry.

This year there seemed to be lots more good entries that previous years.

Any thoughts?


Jo said...

I saw that Patchwork on Central are having a sale! Probably just as well I am not closer and so can't go.

I am a bit overwhelmed with all of these projects floating around in my head. Have fun if you go!!

Chicken Willow said...

My favourite just missed out on getting through to the finals, Anna Bergandahl from Sweden. Lovely song and she just looked like she was loving being there.