Friday, July 23, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Last week on Thursday night I went to Cathy’s (tinniegirl) first art show, and I was lucky enough to meet Miss I Saw You Dancing (and I can see Cathy shaking her head at me I've forgotten someone's name and I'm haging my head in shame but names just won't stick in my head). I regularly read her blog and it was so nice of Miss I Saw You Dancing to introduce herself (and it really was despite forgetting her name) … oh boy, this isn't going well.

As we were chatting my luck with vintage finds was mentioned … which I find perplexing as I spend more time envious of other people’s finds than belief in what I find. Sure … every now and then I find something I really want or like … like the glasses from a few weeks ago or even the clothes I’ve found over the last couple of months.

But maybe there’s some truth in it (or I might have found myself a lucky charm despite my unfortunate memory) because this week was totally special … I found a set of four Chinese made and style blue and white coaster tiles.

Not really vintage but totally gorgeous and completely at home in my blue and white bedroom.

What did you find? Something you love or have you been working hard and coming up with nothing? I went to 11 op shops on Saturday using public transport (Frankston line) over about 3 hours because I find the minimum is four or it’s hardly worth leaving the house: Mordialloc (2), Parkdale (1), Mentone (2), Cheltenham (3) and Malvern (3).

Sophie Isobel at Her Library Adventures has lots more vintage loveliness to share … go take a look.


Cherie said...

Ohhh all gorgeous tiles Susan! Sounds like you had a lovely time out hope you have a wonderful week.xo

Allana said...

Wow that is some serious Oppie committment! Love the tiles/coasters, classic blue and white = gorgeous! :)

Jo said...

Wow, you are committed (or should be ha ha)! I love those tiles.