Monday, July 19, 2010

Because I can … Bendigo Show

On Saturday my Mum and I headed off earlyish to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show … the first year either of us have been.

It was so worth going. My Mum was dubious beforehand and made sure I was clear that she’d be leaving the show if she got bored, and then coming back for me. She didn’t … get bored that is or head off elsewhere without me. Quite the opposite. We both enjoyed the wool and the exhibits and the sheep and the yarn and the fashion show.

Before I continue I’ll get the comparisons between Bendigo and Ballarat out of the way. Sorry Ballarat (and I can say the following because I grew up there and my family still lives there) … but you suck! You seem to think that having best tourist destination in Victoria for over 20 years (Sovereign Hill) means you’re the best. Excuse me … but people either don’t visit Sovereign Hill at all or visit once per decade. What about diversifying and creating different things that appeal to different people: sidewalk cafes, interesting shopping, alternative lifestyle anyone? Bendigo definitely knows how to support innovation and to organise things to keep you going back. I’m really loving exploring Bendigo. (Sorry … I promise to start my yoga chants and stop ranting).

And Bendigo definitely has a sense of humour ... who else would put the knitting, wood turning, hand spinning and accessories in the pigeon shed?

Everywhere we looked it was hand dyed yarn everywhere but Mum and I were very good ... I got some sock yarn in a 40 Merino/40 Bamboo/20 Nylon mix for the sock workshop I’ve signed up to in September. And Mum got two balls of hand dyed 12 ply Merino boucle to make a wrap. When she’s finished I’m going to make the same thing.

And I stopped myself from buying this tea cosy kit ... but only just. I've been longing for a simple, elegant tea cosy and this is it! I took their business card with the idea that if I still wanted it weeks or months later I would get and I can't shake the idea out of my mind. It looks like it will be mine sometime soon.

The exhibits in the hand crafts part of the show were fabulous. I don’t think I’ve seen better in any show ... and this is always one of my favourites parts. There was so much ... some were more works of art than craft like this interesting piece.

And this scarf was so much fun ...

Lunch was wood fired pizza … a delicious Greek lamb balls and feta. I think the people making the pizzas were selling the ovens but by the look of it the pizza was far more popular than the ovens. They were so good Mum and I could have gone back for more.

I also wanted to meet up with a couple of Ravelry girls … all of whom I missed: Helen (Bellsknits), Kylie (klgirlknits), Louise (WiredforFibre), and Michelle. I just never seemed to be able to co-ordinate where to meet (basically I didn’t understand the instructions). Maybe next year, and I’ll see Kylie, Louise and Michelle in a couple of weeks at the monthly lunch. At least I’ll get to see their Bendigo wool stash there.

Did you go and what did you get? Photos please … LOL

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Allana said...

Sounds like you had a really fun day! That wood fired pizza lloks delish - Andrew wants to build one of those ovens - yummy!
Thanks for the heads up re: Ballarat v. Bendigo, will keep it in mind when we travel in October :)