Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space isn't exactly creative at the moment ... it's more a hiatus between creative endeavours.

That doesn't mean I'm not thinking about crafting because I've spent the last couple of weeks leafing through this book of geometric cross stitch patterns I picked up at the op shop.

I love symmetry and balance (so of course geometric is totally me) and these are so striking ... I'm thinking of modifying them and doing them in red and black on a cream Aida.

And these if I can ... maybe a cushion cover?

My creative place is only one of a million ... you'll find the other 999,999 over at kootoyoo.


byebyebirdie said...

They look great, I like the idea of the cushion.

Jo said...

Very cute!!

Tina said...

Very pretty patterns. I agree with you on the mathy symmetry. I like it too. I wonder if any of them could be transferred for knitted lace?

Lillipilli Lane said...

love these! have fun. I have awarded you a wee blog award - pop over to see : )

Steph said...

Wow they look really intricate! I bet a cushion would look awesome :)

Leni and Rose said...

Oh, you are speakin my language - love symmetry too! Those would look absolutely fantastic as cushions.

michelle said...

so hear you on the whole symmetry thing. they will be lovely. keep us up to date on your progress

nicole said...

this is the one you were talking about last night, it looks amazing!
definitely a cushion cover!
well 2, they need to be symmetrical on the couch/bed/armchair!

lovely to meet you last night!

Quilary said...

They look so complicated to do, but I still love the patterns because they look so much like wonderful quilt blocks. Have fun cross-stitching!