Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

I love red and I love a story that comes with my Ruby Tuesday post and this week's it's all about camera cases. I have one I bought with my camera … a big, black, bulky thing that I've never used except to store my unused lenses. It’s just too awkward, heavy and inconvenient to carry.

But it’s also awkward lugging an SLR with external flash attached, and I was so excited when I got some fabric from Ink & Spindle when I was at Sew It Together way back in May … and equally excited when Cam from Curlypops made a case for me.

It came sturdily and prettily packaged; just like a Christmas present. Cam hoped it would arrive in time for me to take to Ballarat and the Bendigo Wool & Yarn Show, and it would have if I’d left on Friday night.

And now—without further ado—I formally unveil another Cam original.

Isn’t it gorgeous? And look at the Curlypops tag on the outside ... aaaaah! LOL

As I told Cam at Cathy’s art exhibition … I didn’t mind it being “late”. What’s late anyway when I lived without a bag for two years and she was ill while she was making it. Cam’s health is far more important.

And I have another photo with my camera inside the bag ... on Miss C's camera. I'll add it when I get home tonight from work.

I am so glad I have the bag now. Thank you so much Cam. I’m yelling from the roof tops that I love it! LOL

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stan said...

I'm not one to wrap stuff in pretty paper. but I love to receive gifts like that! ;P

CurlyPops said...

I'm so very glad it arrived safe and sound and is doing a stellar job of protecting your wonderful camera!
Thanks for letting me make it for you (even though it took me quite a while). It was fun to get the shape just right!

Linnea W said...

What a wonderful idea! I love that fabric! Enjoy your new bag.

EG Wow said...

Oh, it's wonderful! It was worth waiting for. :)

Jo said...

Very cool. You are lucky!

green tea and red nails said...

i think you have inspired me to upgrade from my bulky, ugly, black camera bag! this is beautiful :)

thanks for stopping by my blog!

kel x