Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not

Last night I was thinking about the goals I’d set for myself this year and how I was tracking against them … which took off on the tangent of how long a year is and how flexible you need to be as life changes around you.

That’s really been the case for the goals I set at the beginning of the year but here goes ...

What’s Hot
I feel as though I’m really living up to this. My craft is filling that artistic niche that needs nurturing, I’m trying my hands at different things, I’m out so much of the time spending time with people, and work is stretching me and making me think more about who I am. 2010 has definitely been a year devoted to growth.

Travel more. I got a little away time this month with Mum to Ballarat/Bendigo and it’s getting ever closer to Port Macquarie … about a month to go. Next month though I want to arrange somewhere overseas with Mr H before the end of the year. I know he’d like to do a little travelling and he’s a great travelling companion.

More time with friends and family. I’ve been managing to do this really well, with lots of time spent with friends and extended family. But I’ve been remiss with the people who count the most: Mr H and Miss C, and calling Miss W in Canada. It’s hard to get the balance right all the time.

Exercise more. This is the total standout for this year … I’m still doing yoga and Pilates each week and sometime soon I’ll restart the stairs at work.

Finish 5 craft items. I am so on my way and more tomorrow on the vintage sheet swap and the myriad of possibilities for quilts it’s brought with it.

What’s Not
Cook more.
Yeah right!

Renovate. In whose universe am I going to get the time to do that?
I think it really needs to be put on next year's list.

So how’s your year travelling? Do you feel as though you’re kicking goals or is this year spiralling away from you? Let me know … I’d love to hear.

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