Monday, August 9, 2010

Because I can ... I'm a work in progress

I love I Saw You Dancing’s blog … she’s a fabulous writer and a couple of days ago she wrote about stocktaking her life, and how the way she currently lives impacts on her and others around her.

I like that sort of posts because that’s me … especially about a year ago, and it's comforting to know you’re not alone in wanting more … not just for yourself but for others.

I know the reasons why I cocooned myself from life … but my life has changed and last year I began the process of reclaiming my life and myself. (And a big thank you to Cathy from tinniegirl. Cathy started this process herself and mid January she offered to be the custodian of wishes made by others. Being given that opportunity was a great catalyst for me, and the icing on the cake was winning the wish canvas created by Cathy to celebrate.

And it was about time I did something.

Setting small goals for the year was the first step and I’ve tracked them every month.

Some of my goals have been duds and they’ll need to be added to next year’s list … mostly home renovations but my environment is as important as who I want to be on the inside.

I’ve taken the “working on myself” goals the most seriously including the spending more time with friends and family, and especially the exercising more goal.

Exercising feels like the foundation of what’s changed for the better. I have so much more stamina .. and it occurred to me the extra oxygen getting to my brain might be the reasons why I feel more positive about things!

Sometimes I feel so fireproof after I've finished exercising I could add new things to the list I made at the beginning of the year … but so far I’ve stopped myself. Change is incremental … you can’t just do ten new things or do them differently and it happens overnight. It takes time and work to get there, but the beauty is that with even the smallest success comes a confidence boost. I really like that bit.

So far I’ve managed to achieve the finishing five items, exercising, exploring my world more (through regular crafting groups and a group that eats together and blogs their experiences), and spending more time with family and friends. And I’m going to do the same thing next year … with a new list and new things to work on.

What are you working on? Have you joined a gym but it’s hard to be motivated because there’s no-one to go with? Maybe you’re doing well with something and others could benefit from your secret. I know I wouldn’t mind hearing … I so need help motivating myself (to get those pesky renovations done) so tips on anything would be so appreciated.


Maxabella said...

Hi there, it's wonderful that you are doing so well. You're right, it's got to be little by little to reach your goals. Focusing on your health is a good one, because what you eat and how you move impacts every single area of your life. Keep going and I'll be here happily following your progress. x

CurlyPops said...

It's quite amazing how many changes you can make just by deciding to make an effort and do it! Congratulations on your progress so far.

Jo said...

Well done with the exercise and getting out more. I am going to look back at my plans for 2010 and see where I am up to. Prepare for a long blog post....

Cherie said...

Oooo I love the sound of your post especially me being the great procrastinator. It's like a 12 lane highway in my head, so much to do so little time, so I either get over 'that' or waylaid along the way. Life is a continual change for me, nothing stays the same round here. Right now I'm re-organsing books and mags, and loathing the IKEA white folders I chose a couple of months ago. I'll get over that ;)
Good work, congratulations on what you've accomplished so far. Keep at it. I'm keen to hear how you get on, if you don't well it's OK ;-)

Tracey said...

what an encouraging post! thank you for sharing and looking forward to hearing how things keep progressing

Mairead said...

Hey there! Still loving your blog my dear.

I know what you mean about setting goals and maintaining motivation to get there. My life is more or less how I want it to be, except I struggle with exercise and weight gain in winter as I'm a lazy exerciser.

When I want to change my eating habits, or get back into exercise in spring, I focus more on the luxury of it all rather than the chore. For example, instead of "giving up" certain foods, I focus more on a slow food concept, enjoying, relishing (and occasionally blogging about) the joys of making excellent, hearty food from scratch, which tastes fantastic and is healthier than what I've been eating. Instead of making myself go for a walk, I look forward to having some quiet time down at the beach, to enjoy the water and the sky, as a replacement for meditation. That way, they become something I want to do rather than an irritation.

The other thing I usually do when I think I need to change my diet or exercise regime, is to make an extra effort with my appearance in the meantime. If I feel fantastic I am more likely to be good to myself!

Now I've just got back from holiday and need to shift a few pounds, so it's back to fabulous healthy eating but a little to cold and dark yet for exercise. But it will come, and I won't beat myself up about it in the meantime!

Keep on writing - I love your posts.