Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's Hot and What's Not

There’s not so much on my list for this week … but the things on the list make me feel closer to achieving my New Year’s Plans for 2010. It’s as though they’re part of some deeper change that’s happening as my life changes.

What’s been Hot

Chatting with Miss W. I talk more with Miss W now she’s in Canada than I ever did when she still lived at home, and I find myself looking forward to seeing her more than even in December/January when she’s coming home for a visit. I just have to get her care package organised so she actually gets it before she arrives home. I love you darling girl … you’ll be my baby forever.

Changing my blogging routine. I feel positively freed up. Blogging every day about something good was really starting to bore me. I felt as though I was committed to two blog posts per day and if it’s not fun it’s time to move on. Asking myself the question for the last six months has taught me something about myself—that I am a positive person—and I don’t have anything to prove. Enuff said!

Being busy. I’ve been busier than ever getting out and about. Spending time with family, blogging, going to crafting groups like NCB and Perle8, crafting and eating out with friends for the restaurant review blog are taking my life in exactly the direction I want to go.

Snail mail fabric. I got some of the Kokka Loving London fabric from Pepperberry & Co on Etsy. I got it as a journal cover at Sew It Together and absolutely loved it (the cover and the fabric!). It’s perfect for the black and red quilt I want to make and I love the ‘Britishness’ of the fabric. I just had to get some as well as a natural linen to ‘match’. I think it'll be a while before the fbric is properly organised … I'm going to let this one evolve.

Planning the August trip. My Mum and I are off to the Lake Macquarie area in August to visit my Mum’s brother and to do a little sightseeing. We got the cheapest tickets (two for one deal) and neither of us are in the slightest put off by the colder weather we’re likely to experience. I love the awesome power of the ocean during the winter and I’m hoping we can stay somewhere nice around the lakes so we can take advantage of the views. Any and all ideas of places to stay and visit are more than welcome.

What’s Not been hot

Thinking about a job interview. I haven’t given this a thought since the interview over a week ago. But it was mentioned yesterday in my weekly Section meeting and now I find myself thinking about it. I personally don’t believe I had a snowball’s chance of getting the job and I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out either way … I just don’t want to think about it either way!

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