Friday, June 11, 2010

My Creative Space

I decided to take a little break from the baby stuff ... not because I'm bored but because I wanted to make something to send to my Auntie Roz in England.

You see I "borrowed" a photo from her when I was visiting England last year and, while I thought I'd returned it ... it turns out I haven't and I wanted to add a sweetener as a thank you and apology, combined.

The photo's important to both of us because it has my Dad (the litle sweetheart in the centre rear) and my Auntie Roz (front left) in it ... the County Modern School winners in the 1948-49 South Northants Sports. Believe it or not each of these kids are the same age (15) ... my Dad was only ever about 5' 6" in height.

So I trawled through Ravelry and settled on the Lime Scarf. I was going to use the recommended yarn (Rowan Lenpur Linen), but anybody who's ever looked for Rowan yarns in Australia will know how hard they are to find unless you buy them online. So I plumped for Morris & Sons yarn again but this time the 6 ply Paddington.

The yarn's a 6 ply 80% bamboo /20% merino which is soft in a way bamboo does so well, with a little of the sheen of cotton. A really nice yarn and the scarf is knitting up so quickly. I started it on Wednesday and I'm almost half done already.

I modified the pattern a little too. The first thing I did was to cast on less stitches so I'll end up with a blocked scarf of 12" rather than an unblocked scarf of the same width. The lace is also not as open as the pattern as I'm only using 4.5mm needles and the tension isn't 4 stitches to the inch as recommended. I'm not worried though as the pattern is still easy to see, and it'll open up more when it's been blocked.

I hope Auntie Roz likes it ... I"m planning to make another one in the same colour for Clarissa it's so cute.

PS For more creative spaces visit Kootoyoo.


Little Ted Canvas said...

That scarf is stunning, what a brilliant colour!

Jodie said...

How could she not love it - that pattern is so delicate and the colour is stunning !

Tracey said...

I agree, the colour is stunning - one of my favourites!

Ange said...

Yes, have to agree with your other comments - stunning!!

work-and-process said...

Thank you for your comment.
I think your Auntie Roz is going to like it very much!

Bye Marieke

Anonymous said...

I love the scarf! Beautiful pattern... I'm not so courageous with knitting, but that is very inspiring!

DeerLola said...

Your auntie will be so happy ! And that color is amazing.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Congrats! You won the Acorn Aprong giveaway (pillow) on my blog. Please send me an e-mail with your address, so Christine can get it out to you.

74 Lime Lane said...

its looks gorgeous ~ I'm sure she will be thrilled to get such a lovely package.

Jodie W said...

What a gorgeous scarf! And such a lovely colour too. I'm sure she'll love it.

Thanks for the visit too :)