Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Last week I was wracking my brain for a red photo and I had one all along … at least I get to use it now.

I was in Malvern a couple of weeks ago and in a wonderful mood … I’d had a nice homemade pumpkin soup for lunch and bought way too much double cream fudge (although it was delish!), and with arms full of op shop goodies I was making my way to the train and home.

And these red shoes caught my eye from a shop window.

Aren’t they amazing? And not just the red shoes but every single shoe in the window.

In in our world of mass produced and synthetic everything all the shoes you see in the window are handmade … and handmade by Rocco of Malvern (in Melbourne, Australia).

I was so excited I put my handbag, camera case and goodies in the street and started shooting. I love all things handmade being a crafter myself and I went to the door intending to ask Rocco if I could take photos to put on my blog.

But no joy … I’d missed Rocco by a mere 30 minutes.

I wonder whether Rocco would have been interested?

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Bellgirl said...

Rocco's a bit of an institution, my brother used to get his boots made there!

Cherie said...

OHHhhhhhh they are SOoooo divine, does he do make for women too?

hip-chick said...

Those are some very fancy red shoes!

Spadoman said...

How cool! I have seen boot makers here in the USA. Cowboy boots, or Western boots. But shoes. I like the red and white ones. I would be looking at them if someone walked by me wearing a pair. I'm thinking black slacks, what do you think?

Your link at Work of the Poet isn't working properly, I came here because i bookmarked your pages. May I put you on my sidebar?


reg said...

I love the western boot in the one pic, These must be all expensive. But man do they look great

Stephanie V said...

Good thing Rocco was closed...I'd have bought those red shoes. Fantastic!
Thanks for the RT visit to mine.

Manang Kim said...

I too love handmade shoes, they are durable and though sometimes it cost a little bit pricey but it lasted longer enough for us to enjoy. I love that red shoes too. Happy Tuesday!

Red Fireworks

Anonymous said...

Amazing shoes. I wonder who wears them.

Jo said...

Amazing shoes! They remind me of the types we wore in the eighties in Sydney. I am saving up for my next trip to Melbourne so I can SHOP.

EG Wow said...

Handmade shoes? WOW! I bet they are very comfortable to wear.