Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's hump day (again) and time for What’s Hot & What’s Not front … and yet again mostly in the affirmative.

What’s been totally Hot
Northern Craft Bonanza. I went to my second ‘meeting’ and it's so good. The gals are so warm and friendly, their crafty projects are amazing … and I just feel welcomed in every way. We even had a swap and I took some upholstery fabric and vintage pillowcases/table cloth and brought home some quilting fabric. My quilting stash is looking amazing.

Chinese New Year. I went to my third Chinese New Year in about 4 years and I love it. As usual we stood on the top floor of the car park on the corner of Russell and Little Bourke, and literally had a bird’s eye view. I also stroked the dragon more than once so I’m expecting lots of luck.

Cross stitch. The Be My Valentine cross stitch panel is finished … and I finished it on Valentine’s Day. What could be more fitting.

6x6 scrapbook layouts. I’ve had a bunch of 8x8 layouts laying around forever and I was recently reminded (through Facebook) of a Victorian based charity that organises 6x6 layouts for underprivileged kids on camps. So this stash is being cut down to 6x6 and will soon be winging its way to Southern Cross Kids' Camps.

Electrical renovations. I scoured the house for electrical stuff that needs doing and Mr H and I shopped like crazy on Saturday afternoon. In the end we took advantage of the Beacon Lighting up to 50% sale for the light fittings and ceiling fans, and trawled Bunnings for the extractor fans and 4 sock outlet. A good afternoon’s work!

Op shopping bonanza. I had the best two days of op shopping with four shops canvassed and the maximum number of scrumptious knitting patterns and a little sheet music from the 1920s extracted. My little stash is looking lovely at the moment … and I have a decent number of lovely knitting patterns from the 1940s to 1980s to share over the coming weeks.

Yoga. I did yoga again on Monday and I feel so good after I’ve done it … totally energised and ready to take on the world. And knowing I feel like that is what keeps me going back (oh and paying for the term in advance), because I spend the first half hour wondering when the class will be over! I hope that reaction doesn’t last.

What’s totally Not hot
Dentist. I’d been experiencing some twinging in one tooth and figured it was the nerve and thought I’d better get it checked out. I got the thumbs up on that tooth, no work required, and from now on it’s just watch and wait … but the dentist found 2 new grey spots (which indicates decay) that are all but invisible except to the trained eye. Bummer!

Being disorganised. I’m starting to push and pull myself into new routines that will help me manage life better … but I hate having to work so hard to keep it all together. Why does it have to be like that? Why, why, why ... oh, oh I'm hearing Julius Sumner Miller again! LOL


Rinkly Rimes said...

The Chinese New Year looked fun and I admire your cross-stitch.

Lynne said...

Hello Susan,
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for not calling sooner, but I was away from the computer for a while and things piled up. It bothered me that I'd missed people so I'm catching up now.
I fully concur about the Valentines thing. I used to think that it was a competition to see who got what when I used to work. Nicer to celebrate it everyday!
Your cross stitch looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

So we both posted photos for Chinese New Year.