Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As one of those people who invariably comes to everything late, I was reminded last night of the Jane Austen Festival in Canberra from 15-19 April 2010.

Last year Bellsknits went and I really enjoyed her posts, including her visit to the Festival. It looked like fun, and since I’m a big Jane Austen fan (and I missed the JA Festival in Bath last year when I visited the UK) I thought it would be nice to go to what looks like the biggest JA Festival in Australia.

Now the time is here— and 75% of tickets have been sold—I’m faced with deciding whether to go … and I don’t know whether I really want to do it on my “own”.

So what I’m wondering is … Is anybody out there in blogland planning to go? Any days in particular? Any events in particular?

Oh … either Mr H or my mother will probably go to Canberra with me, but they're both as quiet as a mouse and will probably be off doing their own thing.


Oana said...

OMG, Susan! I had no idea that there is such a festival! I am a big fan of Jane Austen, too...I would have loved to come, but I am in no position to do it this year; I have to plan it for the next! I can't wait to hear some stories, I am more than sure that will be great; thanks for sharing; have a great day!xx

Anonymous said...

Will Mr Darcy be there? :)