Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm starting a new Friday blogging tradition ... Friday vintage knitting patterns.

I have quite a collection of these and a Friday post going to waste ... so why not.

My first is the cover from a F W Hughes pattern book for its Twinprufe yarn.

Aren't these both gorgeous? Some styles are just classic although I wonder how much pain goes into maintaining those waists?

PS If anybody's interested in any of the actual patterns let me know and I'll scan and email the one you're interested in.

Now I didn't come to this idea alone ... my inspiration comes from Lara's blog thornberry.

I met Lara for the first time at Thursday's Northern Craft Bonanza where she was finishing off the most amazing quilted cushion.

I'm still awestruck by this cushion cover.

Last night I thought I'd check out her blog ... and spent the rest of the night trawling through her archives.

Lara's the most amazing sewer and crocheter and quilter ... there's no end to her craftiness.

And during 2009 Lara turned out the most stunning range of children's clothing and quilts ... the list goes on forever.

Here are a few of my favourites ... complete with her cute kids doing the modelling.

Clare is the perfect model. There's hardly a shot of her not twirling joyously ... and if my mum had made me such amazing clothes I'd be hard pressed to stay still too! And check out my favourite outfit ... this combination of crocheted dress and pants. Double wow from me.

Lara's other daughter Stella looks so sweet in this crocheted sundress. Stella's not always so happy but she's definitely co-operating in this photo shoot ... maybe she's growing up Lara?

Which brings me to Lara's regular Friday posts ... of images from her vintage crochet pattern collection.

I don't crochet ... I have enough addictions at the moment ... but I really enjoyed looking at the patterns. The 1970s really seemed to be a hey day for crocheting, despite their need to become acquainted with a slip ... and given my knitting collection I thought people might enjoy seeing some of those.

Thanks Lara for the great idea ... I love your crochet collection, and I haven't even started on your gorgeous sewing pattern stash.


Mairead said...

No work at all went into those waists - it was all the 18-hour girdle!!!!! (not to say we don't resort to industrial-strength underrgarment support ourselves now and again...).

Love those old patterns. Dig out some bloke ones - you know the ones where they put one foot on a rock and stare out onto the horizon whilst wearing a nice green cardigan? They are the best.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

That was absolutely the work I was thinking about ... industrial strength under garments aare absolutely the thing.

I have some male ones complete with pipe, rock and green cardi ... and they are coming! LOL

One Flew Over said...

Lara is not only a lovely lady but always full of inspiration!

Oana said...

well, I don't crochet, too....but I used to love knitting when I was a teenager; I love the top from the cover, the stripy one. I really want to try and make some knits for this coming winter, so I would love to see some of your collection. I am so happy to discover you have a blog too:)Oana

thornberry said...

My goodness Susan, thank you for such a complimentary post - I am blushing enormously! What a great idea to join in with the Friday fun with knitting patterns - I'll link over to you on Fridays. It was lovely to meet you on Thursday and thanks again for your kind words.