Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good things/My Place & Yours Sat 13 Feb 10

It's Saturday and time for My Place & Yours at Punky & Me. This week's theme is Kitchen Love ... the collective brainchild of Nic and Tracey who came up with the kitchen related themes of Your Kitchen Wall and In my Kitchen respectively. Vic's collapsed the two into one delicious theme.

I'm in the midst of a slow home makeover so there's very little about my kitchen, or any room for that matter, that I love.

It's more about what I'd love to rip out and start again.

But I did a little thinking outside the box and there's something I absolutely love about my kitchen ... the new downlights being installed on Friday.

Look at these babies ... we're finally going to have light in every corner of the kitchen.

Our unit was built in the early 1970s and a metre long fluorescent tube has done good service for 40 plus years ... until it died about a week ago. But it's always been dark in the cozy corner the kitchen table lives in ... and those days will soon be over.

I am so looking forward to this being installed.


Mandy said...

Oh I love thos lights! Show us a pic when they are up won't you!!!

michelle said...

good luck with the installationof your lights. it's always exciting to get jobs done. makes you wonder why you waited so long

Pam said...

Oh yes lucky you with those lights! I could seriously do with some in my little darkness, esp since the back deck was put on.
Thanks for the visit and lovely comment. Can't even remember why I even took the cupboard doors off now! lol. But keeping them clean isn't too much of a hassle really, cos we do all our stove top frying etc out on the deck at our gas BBQ, which effectively stops all that greasiness you would normally get in a kitchen. One of the best moves we made after the deck was closed in and the screen door was taken off, because we just step out the back door to cook! :)

melissa said...

Oh - new lighting makes SUCH a difference.

We had terrible lights in our lounge and kitchen and got downlights installed recently - made the place look twice the size!

Jackie said...

Lucky you!!! There are a few spots in my kitchen that seriously need a little light on the subject!

marian said...

great choice! down lights are the BEST. i'm having them in every room of my new house. not a fancy dangley light fitting that needs to be dusted..hooray!

Catherine said...

Gee it will be nice to get you new lights up in the kitchen there's nothing worse then trying to cook and not being able to see properly. Enjoy your new lights.