Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Sun 14 Feb 10

Valentine's Day
It's the day of the year the world seems to go crazy about love and red roses and romance ... of course it's Valentine's day.

But really ... only one day to focus on your relationship. Sometimes I wonder if it's not more about competition than anything else.

Before you think I'm either terminally starved of romance or jealous or something ... there are 365 days in a year and what about every other day of the year?

I like to think my relationship with Mr H is about every single day of the year.

This heart's for you Wini ... Daddy's sending all his love to his little girl.

Mr H isn't romantic ... he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. I don't think he even understands the concept.

Mr H has only brought me one bunch of flowers and I've never seen a box of chocolates ever. He doesn't like how cutting flowers makes them die.

Mr H doesn't remember birthdays ... I've always done that for our daughters and the same goes for Christmas.

So what does Mr H do? Answer: He does the whole 365 days well.

Mr H is the man who will bring me a cup of tea in bed EVERY day.

Mr H is the man who brings in the washing when it's dry or rushes out when it starts to rain and never has to be reminded.

Mr H is the man who makes my dinner every day ... and asks me what I'd like.

And Mr H is the man who uncritically takes an interest in everything I do ... which is a lot.

It might be Valentine's Day ... but Mr H and I aren't celebrating.

Mr H and I are celebrating 27 years and 8 days together ... and you'll notice I got it wrong the other day when I thought we met 26 years and 3 days ago. Miss W emailed me and reminded me I'd left a whole year out. I really should learn how to add ... or use a calculator.


beccasauras said...

*Sniff Sniff* that's so sweet! Much more romantic than the old marketing ploy! I would never knock back the marketing stuff, mind you, but you've pointed out what truly means something, the everyday stuff. Well put!

Pam said...

I do agree Susan, but these last few years I've begun to wish mine did do something for Valentine's Day, for the same reasons you give for your man's non-participation in the romantic things! Cos I'd like some romance every now and then, and he really doesn't have a clue! But I should admit that he's not too bad around the house, but definitely not as up to scratch as your man. How lucky are you in that respect? Very nice! :)

Pam said...

p.s. I would love a copy of the cover of that pattern book, a couple of posts back, if possible. I just love pics of vintage mags etc. Thanks so much Susan. :)

marian said...

what a fab post and oh ssoo true..your dear MR H is a keeper forever!!

Jane said...

Hi Susan

You're it!

I just tagged MMMM to play the travel blogger's game of Top Three Travel Secrets. Blog about your top places, link to the game, and tag five other bloggers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Mr H has got a god damn sexy voice but!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmm... lol

Ange Zav

Susan L (lily40au) said...

Don't I know it Ange. I haven't seen you at the train in ages.