Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good things/Ruby Tuesday Tue 9 Feb 10

GOOD THINGS/RUBY TUESDAY: 26 years and 3 days since I met Mr H
A few days ago on dear prudence Kelly posted about me (yes, little old me!) and referred to Mr H as the elusive husband.

Well, Kelly got that right ... Mr H is totally elusive. I remember meeting Wendy a few year's back and mentioning Horace after we'd seen each other pretty regularly for about a fortnight and she assumed I was single. Mr H is elusive because he likes it that way ... and I respect that.

But I thought I'd bring him out into the sunlight, and polish him off a little ... after all we just had our 26 years and 3 day anniversary since we met.

My most recent craft project ... a series of hearts for a cushion. Rather apt, I thought, given the season (Valentine's) and the post.

People always assume we must have met somewhere exotic given Mr H isn't Australian born. But no ... we met at a friend's wedding anniversary in St Kilda in Melbourne.

And what's the secret to being together for so long when most relationships don't seem to make it past the seven year itch?

I think it's tolerance and being interested/respectful towards your partner ... oh, and not making your partner responsible for your happiness. You have to be equals and both want it to work.

Love you Mr H.

PS If you want to play along with Ruby Tuesday or check out some of the other red Valentine's day posts ... check out Mary's blog over at Work of the Poet . And if you want to play don't forget to publish your post and add the url to the Ruby Tuesday Mr Linky.


jaboopee said...

happy anniversary,my followers link went awol there for a bit..congrats on getting this far....i used to think it was so boring to be together for so long with my mister j but now it really is a badge of honour isn't it .

dear prudence said...

26 years and 3 days+ Wow now thats quite an achievement, congratulations to you both!

I like Mr H and I have'nt even met him! I think it's because of that 'elusive' quality, the 'mystery man' the traces of him you see in the photos (like the unmade bed!!) funny stuff I totally relate to, and the fact that he's there, and this is your story...... xx