Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not Wed 10 Feb 10

It’s Wednesday, hump day, and time to dissect the week that was on What’s Hot & What’s Not … Claire over at Looblylu hasn’t started yet for 2010 so I’m persisting on my own because I’m a leader not a follower … yeah, whatever! LOL

It’s really exciting to know that everything I added to my not so hot list are things I haven’t had the time to get to.

What’s been really Hot.

26 years with Mr H. The hottest thing … but unfortunately one that passed with a whimper rather than a bang because, well … I forgot! And Mr H doesn’t do anniversaries … even birthdays, so I was never going to help any help there. Thank goodness for technology … I’ll program it in the phone for next year. If I remember.

Yoga. Although I walk a bit I started my formal exercise routine this week … with yoga on Monday. I’m pleased to report I’m not in the slightest stiff … and I’m booked in for the next 8 weeks so I’ve plenty of time to remedy that.

Vintage. I had the best weekend with vintage and op shopping galore. I nabbed some great items, although not technically bargains on the vintage front.

Check out this dress. Technically I got it for Clarissa, who didn’t like it … but it’s so beautiful. I’m thinking of approaching Julie at Ballarat Vintage Style to see if they’re interested in using it for the 2010 Fashions in Time Vintage Fashion Parade. That would be so cool. .

Food. I’ve been out so much recently eating with friends … and it’s been fab. So much new stuff to try and earlier this week we went to the HuTong Dumpling Bar in the city. Absolutely brilliant for lunch … and inexpensive. We’re thinking of starting a blog since we go out so often … look out for that at a later stage.

The chilli dumplings were my absolute favourite … so delicate and with the perfect amount of chilli.

Renovations. I’ve organised an electrician to do about 3 hours work next week: install ceiling fans in the bedroom, replace the kitchen fluorescent light, install power points to cope with the tangle of computer and entertainment system, and install/replace 2 extractor fans. Woo hoo, a ceiling fan in the bedroom … right above my bed. I’m feeling cooler already.

What’s Not been so hot.

Work. I still haven’t started looking for another job. I really need to do it to build up my confidence but I’ve thrown my focus into so many other things I’m using them as my excuse for not doing anything.

Heart cross stitch. I’m getting annoyed with this but I’m determined to get it finished before I start something new or I’ll never get it done … and I’m really sad about that because I really want to start on my mother’s birthday present for May. In fact I’m planning to go to Morris & Sons to shop for yarn. Another woo hoo!

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