Monday, February 8, 2010

Good things Mon 8 Feb 10

GOOD THINGS/Clean up Monday: Around the stove
I had a great weekend; most of it spent outside the house and it was wonderful … thanks for asking.

But I know which one I’d rather; a life rather than a clean house, although that neatly brings me to Clean Up Monday.

Last week I got the horror that was my laundry floor tidied up and it’s lasted the week, and over the weekend I got the basics done for the following week.

But believe me there’s plenty of scope for more … and the floor around the stove and fridge is a case in point. On my knees on the floor wearing rubber gloves while I force myself into spaces hardly large enough for a mouse is not my idea of entertainment … which is why said spaces weren’t pristine (and why I’m not sharing any before pictures).

It's a terrible photo ... but I'm just going to have to move on!

And now the space is tidy it’s clear next week’s chore has to be the oven. Eek!

TIME TAKEN: 20 minutes

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Julie said...

Are you avaulaible for hire???