Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good things Sun 10 Jan 10

GOOD THINGS: Felt flowers
It's been way too long since I got any crafting done but today I actually sat down and started playing with the felt flowers I purchased in early December from Pompom Rouge. (PS Check out the store. It's really cute.)

The flowers ... and the flower centres.

My idea is to make a simple calico cushion cover and use the flowers and circles in a centre pattern around my niece's initial (which is obviously T).

What I came up with before I packed it all away ... the cardboard T isn't permanent. I still have to come up with a fabric or other alternative.

The colours go with the almost finished cross stitched cushion cover I'm currently working on and the scrapbooking picture I gave to her for Christmas.

The two cushions will make a great birthday gift for May ... and it's so nice to get such an early start.


V for Violet said...

Thanks for your comment - I love your flower circle - the colours are so pretty! Could you embroider the T? It's a really lovely idea. Must get on with some actual crafting, not just sorting!! x

Cherie said...

Gorgeous idea for both creating and gift. Thanks for your blog visit. xo

Robin said...

Great idea for a gift, I love the circle of little flowers.