Monday, November 30, 2009

Project 365 Sat 28 Nov 09

I left the house without my camera today ... I don't know where my head was?

And it was the best day we've had for a long time.

We spent a perfect morning at the Northcote Maker's Market (in Northcote!).

Details of the next market ... all the way in February.

I loved all the handmade goodness there ... the fab brooches by Curlypops, although I didn't get the chance to see her because she was in Daylesford at the market there.

The gorgeous handbags, clothing, hats ... but no photos to share!

But I can share what we bought there which I absolutely loved.

How cute are these? Notepads with the covers made from the illustrations from old books ... what a great use for these. And how jealous are the ladies at the Jane Austen society going to be when I show my new Pride and Prejudice notebook ... cutting up this version definitely isn't desecration of a great novel!

I love the P&P notebook ... so fitting for me.

And what about this wonderful box? I bought

The new box sitting on the shelves next to computer.

Our remotes safely inside ...where we can find them.

I bought it for my sister Debbie for her Kris Kringle but I can't bear to part with it ... now it's sitting on the coffee table between the computer desk and the sofa as the new home for all our remotes. I love it, and I'm just going to have to shop for something else for Debbie ... sorry Debs!

Our next stop was the Hello Sailor secondhand at the Grace Darling Hotel in Smith Street, Collingwood.

But we didn't stay long. There were too many people and too few stalls ... and because Lost and Found was only a few streets away we wandered up there so I could share the best second hand store in Melbourne with Horace.

But no photos!

No photos of how amazing Lost and Found is. No photos of the amazing furniture, the clothing, the records ... and the little blue leather 50s handbag I nearly bought for less than $20.

The postcard I picked up at Lost and Found.

All I have are the bits and pieces of paper I picked up and a link to the last time I went! So not good enough!

And then we spent the rest of the day with Anna and Demos in Abbotsford.

Visiting was a whim really, and the hope they were in ... thankfully they were.

We ate the most wonderful dinner of baked barramundi and chilli mussels. We chatted forever about what we'd been up to, our holiday, their wonderful vegetable garden, caught up with their friends Mary and Con ... and were so glad we hadn't waited ten years before dropping in to see them.

But no photos ....

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