Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not

It’s the second last time I’ll be looking back over the year that was … looking at how I’ve done against my New Year’s Plans for 2010 and what I need to work on.

It’s sad because there’s so little time left but I’m more excited than sad. Excited about what the new year will bring, excited about what my plans should be for the new year. I’m just excited really!

So what’s been hot or not for the last month?

What’s been Hot.

Exercise more. I’ve been sad because there’s no more Pilates until next year and my body misses it, but it’s encouraging me to get back to walking the stairs and be more focussed on my exercise regime. I’m glad to see it’s doing just that. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I’ve exercised and how my body and my mood misses it when I don’t.

Cook more. That’s been its usual total failure for the family but something I’ve noticed has been happening is how much better I am at making breakfast and lunch for myself at work, and how much better my blood sugar has been because of that.

Spend more time with friends and family. Pluses and minuses here. I was tired and lacking in energy for part of the month but in general I’m spending far more time on balance with friends than family. And, unlike the last decade or more, I didn’t visit Ballarat to take my niece Miss T to the Show … but she’s now more interested in spending time with her friends for activities like that than her aunt and it’s time to start a new tradition. Maybe the movies?

Finish 5 craft projects. I’m still doing well working my way through the baby items for Baby H, who arrived a couple of weeks ago. I have a small stash of stuff to send and I’m working on two or three final things before I send them before Christmas. I’ll share photos before I send them or maybe after they’ve arrived. I know my Auntie M watches this space!

What’s Not been Hot.

Renovate. No joy still on the renovations front but Reverse Finds is coming along nicely although there’s still so much to be done. My stash of vintage sheets is huge and I have to think what to do about that (like use it maybe?) and I have all sorts of bits and pieces I should put together for a giveaway. Stay tuned.

Next month I’m planning to wrap up the year and look at how my life has changed over the year, and where things have improved. I haven’t used the various individual retrospectives to develop a bigger picture and I’m looking forward to seeing how far I’ve come.

See you in a month’s time.

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