Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm still working on baby things, baby hats really ... and concentrating on learning how to knit on dpns. I'm actually loving it, the more so as it becomes easier.

This week's effort ... I started this totally cute winter's hate for a 9-12 month old.

And it's so exciting because Baby H has arrived and will be wearing hthe baby version sometime soon.

Over to kootoyoo ... lots more gorgeous creative spaces happening there.


Catherine said...

You've done a beautiful job knitting those sweet little beanies and achieving something new. Complicated knitting scares me, still not up for the challenge just yet.:)

Madeleine said...

Looks lovely! :D Dpns is pretty fun when you get the hang of it!

Fiona said...

Very cute - love the yarn!

Kelly said...

Aww..they are gorgeous! I haven't taken up the challenge of dpns yet..too scary :-P, clever you!

Carmel's Closet said...

That looks extremely complicated and clever and super cute at the end!
Have a lovely weekend.

shine little light* said...

Those hats are adorable! Nice one! *s*