Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space has been filled with yarn lately (and thank goodness because it's so cold all the time) ... but I'm stepping away from the needles this week for my contribution. This week my creative space is all about vintage sheets, appliqué and giraffes!

I asked a question for my vintage sheet FQ giveaway ... not because it's part of the rules for winning but to give people something to write about when they said they were interested. I’ve heard some lovely stories … but one stands out as they do and show how Melbourne and craft and kismet come together to make magic.

A few days ago Bellgirl mentioned using vintage sheets to appliqué giraffes on t-shirts … and sent through a picture of what she'd done with her favourite sheet which she thought was donated by me.

It was … and I loved seeing what she'd made. Even better is I have left overs from that sheet which I offered. It was never my favourite sheet and I'm more than happy to pass it on to someone who will use it.

And when I got home I found an entire untorn sheet Bellgirl can have if she's interested ... I wonder if that would be Christmas come early?

But wait, there’s more ... and not another sheet. It turns out Bellgirl's a member of a craft group that I don't get to regularly and we've never met before. Sound strange? You bet, but not really when you consider the status of my “membership” … by member I mean I met Patch Andi back in May at Sew It Together, and I've been once because it's so cold and miserable all the time but I keep meaning to go ... you see what I mean.

Don't you love crafting?

For lots more stories about creative space ... visit Kristy at kootoyoo.

PS If you're interested the vintage sheet FQ giveaway expires on midnight Saturday 14 August.


Mary said...

always happy to give you a lift home from perles Susan :)

Bellgirl said...

Oh yes I absolutely do love crafting- and I love that sheet!

I might be able to make it to Perle8s tonight after all, but not sure- do you want me to send you an email or text if I'm going? I will definitely be there next week.

Bellgirl said...

BTW I've put my owls up in my creative space today, I think one of the brown florals might be your sheet too, take a look!

Cherie said...

WOW those sheets bring back memories of the 70s. Yellow was so in then and seems to be making a comeback. Gorgeous patterns. Gorgeous post! ;)

Catherine said...

It's so great you've found a good home for some of your not-favourite fabric!

gretchenmist said...

a great outcome for the swap! very sweet :)