Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday knitting pattern

Ages and ages ago Mairead posted about old knitting patterns with men with one foot on a rock and staring out into the horizon wearing a nice green cardigan. Look Mairead … no green jumper but a gorgeous fair isle vest from the 1940s(?), staring into the horizon ... and he’s holding a pipe!

I’ve been on the lookout forever for that green cardi wearing fella … but no joy.

I totally love this fair isle vest. So complicated … but so snazzy.

What I wonder about is that pipe. Inside the book are a couple more patterns, and most of the models are using a pipe as a prop.

And the fair else vest must have been popular because it was reprinted (that’s the “R” in R14) on the cover … but with a different guy and he’s looking very manly with a pipe too.

Is it the same pipe? Pipe smoking can’t have been that popular back then … can it?

(PS I’m a bit creeped out now.)


nicole said...

gah germs!
those vests are quite handsome though.

Cherie said...

Yep it was popular, everyone smoked, ladies thought it was sophisticated! One of the best ways to meet a man was for him to lean across, offer to light your cigarette and at that very moment, the lady looked in his eyes, fluttered her lashes and romance was born! The better the lighter he had, the more attractive he was, plus lighters stopped the phospherous smell of matches ...
Men's knitwear was out of the average everyones price range to buy, hence knitting!
Ohh days of romance and innocence ;)
Love what you've been knitting ;)