Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Place & Yours

I thought Danielle at HelloOwl wasn’t doing My Place and Yours this week … but it seems she’d only forgotten and our date is still on.

So without any further ado … my version for the treasure theme chosen by Linda of Stripey Monkey (PS cool blog name): my trusty notice board.

I’ve blogged about this baby before but it’s important to me and I’m going to do it again … so there!

It sits on the wall beside my bed and as I look at it I realise it's become a shrine to my daughter Miss W, who's overseas in Canada and won’t be home for a visit until after Christmas.

There's a favourite photo of her from when she was about four years of age, a shot of her with her best friend from her high school graduation and notes from her when she was little.

And there's other stuff as well ... print outs from the library (I must get those books back on time!)

A photo of a public meeting held in Tasmania during the 1980s … it reminds me that trip: lots of laughter, , a birthday at the old Hobart casino, driving from Hobart to Tasmania, sightseeing about Launceston and very little work really except a public meeting one evening.

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Odds and sods that make up a life really.

If you'd like to play I know Danielle would love to see you over at HelloOwl.


Cherie said...

Gorgeous post - my girl was OS for three years, wish I'd had one of these boards at that time - love it!
Thanks for your comment - you're right that's why it was hard trying to identify one treasure when I treasure everyone and everything in my life.
Have a great week S. xo

Fifikins said...

What a great idea! Lots of memories and I can see why it is a treasure.

stripeymonkey :) said...

this is a lovely post... you've inspired me to get a notice board going too - your daughter and friend look so cute and its so cool that you still have little notes from her - i hope i still manage to hang on to those things when my two are grown up and doing thier own thing!

linda :)

The Sice Family said...

I have one of these, but it is not up at the moment. I MUST tidy up my workroom!! Wendy xx

Janine said...

Hey great treasure you have there. You have inspired me to update mine(It's been sitting naked for far too long).

Lauren said...

I like it alot! thanks for sharing!