Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Last week in my other life as a food critic at Eat and be merry, for tomorrow we die(t), my fellow foodies and I visited +39 to review the best pizzas in Melbourne.

And ... hey they were pretty darn good. Mine was broccoli, pine nut and anchovy. No arguments here getting my five serves of vegetables every day and I love the saltiness of anchoves on pizza. Totally yum!

Not only is the food good, but each table scored this tasty condiment set in glorious red ... it makes everything taste so much better.

PS... Any ideas of where the name +39 comes from?

For more ruby redness pop over to Mary T at Work of the Poet.


Manang Kim said...

Oh that is so good to eat all of those yummy pizza. And you are right the red stuff on the table added the flare. Happy RT!

Red is emergency

Ralph said...

The hor peppers infuses the oil for a perfect place to dip bread (or pizza crusts). I prefer a wood burning oven, as the pizza crust gets a wonderful unevenly burned texture - I love it!

Too many people think that pizza Margherita is the only 'authentic' style of pizza. The classic pizza is great but forget the snobs - one can dress a pizza with any or everything they want!

EG Wow said...

Sounds very tasty! Mmmmm.

siromade08 said...

Pizza is very yummy, i can eat half of the plate if im hungry... The accessories on the table is just beautiful and a nice entry for RT. Thanks for sharing.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I like anchovies on pizza too, if it's not to heavily covered.

My Ruby Tuesday is HERE. Hope you can find time to visit with me today.

Juliana RW said...

Hmm...looks yummy :D

thanks drop at my post

Leora said...

Your broccoli pizza looks so tasty - my kids would say what's that green stuff in the pizza!

Anonymous said...

This all looks very appetizing. Thanks for sharing.

Life Ramblings said...

what a delicious spread.

reg said...

I love the dishes but beyond that the food looks just great

Felisol said...

This seems to be a pizza after my liking.
My daughter has taught me that mozzarella is a must. Not very often served on Norwegian pizzas.
Hot pepper in oil, never tried that, be I sure will.
I love simple, but good ideas.

I'm amazed with my Ulysses reading, but then I have involved my whole family in the project, (my far away, but telephone reachable brother included.
(plus a download edition read by an Irishman. Oh, they say about themselves, that they speak the best English. This time it's true.)

Anonymous said...

that pizza sounds great I reckon each area has their own we have one here with anchovies and green apples called the mackies special

Poetic Shutterbug said...

That looks so good and you know that is true. Red fuels the senses and as a result everything is better.

Dimple said...

Pizza, Yum!
Thanks for the visit!

lazyclick said...

Great shots.

Robin said...

I'm not an anchovy fan but broccoli on a pizza, especially a white pizza, is delish.

I'm with you on the brown thumb (toes) thing too, except mine goes well beyond brown. I usually describe myself as having the Black Thumb of Death lol.

No word yet on the competition - judging won't be over until sometime in July. Thanks for asking :).

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