Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Hot and What's Not

Another week has flown by … is it the dark of winter doing this to me or is my life disappearing without my even noticing?

Not much to report this week at my place. I feel as though I’ve hardly done anything but I guess that's not the case.

What’s Hot.

Music. I bought a couple of new CDs last week … amongst them is The Best of Johnny Nash. He’s a black Texan from the 1970s … and holds the record for being the first non Jamaican to record reggae in Jamaica. Not the reggae made popular by Bob Marley … Johnny Nash has a softer more laid back style that I really like. I particularly like his song Guava Jelly … crazy name I know and it starts off slowly but take a listen.

Knitting. Lots of crafting happening in my house at the moment … but more of that tomorrow in My Creative Space. I can’t give everything away today.

Stargate Universe. I’m not sure why I’m adding to my list of What’s Hot other than I managed to watch episodes 11-15. I have misgivings about this show given my enthusiasm for SG-1 and even Stargate Atlantis. I’m sorry … it’s hard to rave about a show whose protagonist (ie the tension that keeps the showing moving forward) is so subtle I haven’t worked out yet who/what it is. And wait there’s more … I usually drive myself crazy moaning about how unsubtle the majority of shows are because they have to spell everything out … is this a case of me feeling uncomfortable because subtlety is being used or is it just a crap show? I can’t decide and I keep tuning in trying to work it out.

Exercise. I signed up for another 8 weeks of Yoga and Pilates. I’m getting so much more flexible and it’s paying dividends, mainly in improving muscle tone ... I now have some! LOL Definitely something not seen in my neck of the woods for many a year.

What’s Not.

Cocked up weekends. This weekend things went pear shaped … plan wise. I had so much I wanted to do and none of it happened because of misunderstandings and things getting turned around by other things. It drives me crazy when that happens and in the end I gave up and retreated to my knitting and DVDs … so I guess in the end I managed to salvage at least part of the weekend.

I’ve decided to see whether others want to play. Add your name and the url of your blog post … I’d love to hear what’s been hot—or not so hot—in your week.

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