Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday knitting pattern

I had visions this week of being much more organised. I was going to go through photos of when I was a kid or stuff my Mum made for the girls when they were little and show the pattern and the photo. (Ah well, there's always next week.

Instead, I'm listening to Youtube clips from Eurovision and I quickly grabbed this book of knitting patterns by Singer ... yes, the sewing machine people. (I still love Alexander Rybak who won last year but someone should tell him it's weird to look so happy when you're singing about how sad it is you can't find your first love and it hurts! Oh Alexander, I still love you!)

Now this book might be from Singer but it's basically a Patons book. And the 60s was the dullest decade for knitting patterns from Patons (followed closely by the early 1970s) ... and this is book is no different. All Patons ever seemed to print were the same old patterns for a basic cardigan, V-neck, round neck, polo neck raglan sleeved garments. All that ever seemed to change were the models and the colours.

But there's a very interesting difference in the way Singer has set out the book.

Instead of giving you each garment individually and how to make that item, the book's divided into the pieces that need to be made eg left sleeve, right sleeve, cardigan front round neck, v-neck sweater front, rear all garments etc. And then there are instructions at the back that tell you how to put the garment together. (If someone can tell me it's a 'sewing' way of setting out instructions I'd love to hear.)

I've never seen a pattern book put together this way before ... have you?


ecoMILF said...

Wow. No i havne't. This is way out of my league. Hope it works for you! xo m.

Tina said...

wow it is kind of a sewing way. With patterns you get to mix and match the parts to suit you-long or short pants, long or short sleeves, round neck or v..etc.

I was thinking this week that I would like a sock pattern that gave me a value table of stitch numbers for various sizes (the one i am using is only adult female or male...I want kids, toddler and baby too :)..a similar idea i think to the singer mix and match book.